Using Sentry to catch client errors

I’d like to use Sentry to catch client-side exceptions. It seems like client-side exceptions are not caught by Sentry, and, AFAIU, it’s related to fibers?

GitHub - deepwell/meteor-raven: Raven/Sentry integration package for Meteor is very old, so I’m inclined from using it (it also doesn’t handle uncaught exceptions).

Is there anyone that has Sentry logging client-side exceptions? If you’re not using Sentry, are you using something else that’s not “Kadira-like”? I want all services to send to the same service. Maybe Rollbar? Bugsnag? track.js? Anyone has any experience with those?

Alternatively, is there any way (even if hacky) to catch-all Meteor exceptions (client-side/server-side)? Even if I have to hack every template for that, I would.


I use Sentry and it logs client side errors, this is my config:

if (Meteor.settings.public.sentry?.dsn) {
  import * as Sentry from "@sentry/vue"
  import { Integrations } from "@sentry/tracing"
    dsn: Meteor.settings.public.sentry?.dsn,
    integrations: [ new Integrations.BrowserTracing() ],
    tracesSampleRate: 1.0,
    attachProps: true,
    logErrors: false,

Maybe you are missing the integration.

Thanks for responding. This is my config.

import * as Sentry from '@sentry/browser';
import { Integrations } from '@sentry/tracing';

import { getPublicConfigVariable } from '../../api/utils/config';

  dsn: getPublicConfigVariable('sentry_dsn'),
  integrations: [new Integrations.BrowserTracing()]

Unfortunately, any client-side errors that come from the Tracker aren’t logged (I’m running Meteor 1.11.1, if that helps).

For example,

This has never reached sentry.

As per Using Sentry to catch client errors - #3 by nir0s, I’ve managed to send all client exceptions to Sentry. Now trying to figure out how to send server-side metrics.