Using Stash's API for git Operations

Hey everyone,

I am just starting to use Meteor and have found myself at a hurdle. I am using Stash for my project and need to use some basic operations like branching, committing, pull requests, etc. I have searched for some packages to help me through this but none of them seem to have what I want. It there any easy way to go about using these git operations but in one of my js files?

Thanks so much!

So, if I understand correctly;

  • You have a meteor project
  • This meteor project is version controlled by git

And now you’re looking for a package, so you can create a new branch, from this very same meteor project?

So you are looking for something like this?

import git from 'git';

Meteor.startup(() => {

Or are you trying to build an GitHub clone, like GitLab?

Sorry, let me phrase my question with one that is more clear.
Given a repository on Stash, can I clone it (and later use commit, make pull requests, etc.) all from within my Meteor application?
Can I use this statement to interact with my Stash repo (sorry, I am a beginner as I said):

I have been using atmosphere and npm to look up most packages. It git a default?
I’m still a bit confused which operations are repository specific (GitHub, Stash, BitBucket, GitLab, …) so excuse my ignorance.