Using the command line after starting the server

I am using a mac. After I start the server, I can’t seem to enter any more commands in the terminal, any suggestions?

You need to start it in background:

meteor &


As @robfallows said, put an anpersand “&” at the end of the command line.

If you forgot to add the ampersand, you don’t need to restart your app, just do this:

  1. Ctrl + z
  2. Type “bg” in the terminal

Have fun :smile:

not sure what that means, I typed in meteor &
no response
my user name prompt doesn’t come up to put in commands

well, what prompt? if u want server side shell as admin, just run
meteor shell
from the project directory
it does not need to be in same terminal

Then you’re already running the command. In which case, you need to do as @Ensikyo says and type ctl-z, followed by bg.

Note that when you want to stop your meteor process you will need to identify the background job (use the jobs command) and then either do kill %jobnumber (example, kill %1) or put the job back into foreground (fg %jobnumber) and then ctl-c to kill.

thanks, that worked, also I realized that ctl-c allows me to enter commands while the server is running. what is the ctl-c actually doing?

killing the server :smiley:

It sounds like you want to hit cmd + t to open a new tab. change into the directory in the new tab and then you can use meteor shell or any other commands. :thumbsup: