Using the faker lib to add simulate data

I’m on Meteor 1.5.1. I installed faker like so: $ meteor npm install --save faker.

In my package.json file, the faker lib is at version: 4.1.0

I import faker within Meteor’s server-side code like so:

import faker from 'faker';

class Test {
  constructor() {
    this.streetName = faker.address.streetName(); // => faker is = false here

When I debug server-side node, the faker object is just false.


Any attempt to access sub-object, like address, are of course just undefined.

Inside my <project-name>/node_modules directory, I can see the faker lib is present:


What am I doing wrong?

The faker lib:

My issue in github:

Weird. My testing repo uses faker, and I didn’t have any problems with it. You can take a look at the code and see if we do anything different:

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I import this way: import * as faker from 'faker/locale/de';

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Thanks @herteby & @softwarerero

Importing like this:

import * as faker from 'faker/locale/de';

Did no good. the faker object is still false.

I ended up using the Casual lib for generated data. Works fine.

I get error (bae on Vue)

import casual from 'casual'


Casual doesn’t work in the browser.

Somehow, I’m also getting errors on importing faker. It works fine in Storybook, but when importing in meteor, server side, I always get that faker is undefined.

I no longer use faker but my original import line was:
import * as faker from 'faker';

I could then use faker.whatever in my code