Using the "Useraccounts" package with the "Flow Router"?

Hey guys! I’m looking forward to use the newly released FlowRouter together with @splendido’s Useraccounts package and considering this little discussion, I wonder what are the ways to make it possible without using two routers in my app?

My biggest question is what happens if I install a package like useraccounts that has Iron Router in it?
Will we have to build new packages that use Flow Router instead of Iron Router, or can they live side-by-side?

Here is another discussion about this.

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I am also very interested in this and the response I seemed to get from @arunoda centered around having pacakges that don’t implement routes, but I think there is still a strong use case for building bits of functionality that have urls in them. A url is a basic building block of the web and it really makes me sad that we don’t have a core direction from MDG on this.

Iron-Router came to us at a time when Router just wasn’t cutting it. While I do think Iron-Router is cool, I do think it is very hard to reason about and understand when things are re-rendering and why they are re-rendering so much. I think Arunoda is really on to something interesting with FlowRouter and I want to see that work continue, but we have a large package ecosystem that has coalesced around Iron-Router.

My question is, how do we as a community thwart this type of ‘Router lock-in’ and give ourselves the freedom of choice while still being able to build routes into our packages :smile:

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hello there!

What I’m proposing is to play around on a new branch of useraccounts:core to eventually split templates and routing for useraccounts@2.0

See also my post where I propose to have a number of different packages to help setup useraccounts@2.0 rounting for different routers

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@Steve, thanks for pointing to that discussion, I did a quick search on this forum, but forgot to think about Issues on Github :wink:

Just wanted to quote that, in the hope something will finally happen…
(and let’s connect the dots again: google-talk discussion, Trello discussion)

There’s a brand new branch to test to get routing done with Flow Router: see Flow Router Integration section!

Thanks to @PhilippSpo!

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Hi all!
The flow-router-integration branch is eventually a proper package :smile:

Lets have a look at useraccounts:flow-routing and also at useraccounts:iron-routing.

README files still have to be polished, but everything seems to work right now…

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Just to let you guys know in case you missed it, there is a cool new package Router-Layer that could be useful in making Useraccounts more router-agnostic.

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