Using TouchstoneJS (react css framework) with meteor?

Has anyone been using this? Seems like a great new mobile CSS framework for react.

not quite ready yet, so wondering what customisation would be needed to get that to work with meteors react?

I see meteor already added some extensions to their build of react, not sure how easy it would be to incorporate NPM modules like touchstone with meteor’s react build…

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I had lots of problems trying to get NPM packages to work with the meteor react package, I ended up just removing the meteor react package (which is already a minor version or two behind). Now I’m using cosmos:browserify to install the actual React NPM package and it makes integrating with any other React packages a breeze, plus now I can stay up to date with React releases. I made a Meteor package called client-npm-deps to install and export all NPM deps for the client using browserify, the package.js looks like this

// Specify npm modules
  'react': '0.14.0',
  'react-dom': '0.14.0',
  'react-dnd': '2.0.2',
  'react-dnd-html5-backend': '2.0.0'

Package.onUse(function(api) {
  // add browserify package
  api.use(['cosmos:browserify@0.8.1'], 'client');

  // add browserify files
  api.addFiles(['client/client.browserify.js'], 'client');

  // export the npm packages to global namespace
  api.export(['React','ReactDOM','ReactDnD','ReactDnDHTML5BackEnd'], 'client');

and client/client.browserify.js looks like this

React = require('react');
ReactDOM = require('react-dom');
ReactDnD = require('react-dnd');
ReactDnDHTML5BackEnd = require('react-dnd-html5-backend');

Since I ditched meteor’s react package, the experience has been a lot better. If you still want to use the React meteor data package, you can just meteor add react-meteor-data, it’s just a mixin

Anyone have any thoughts on touchstoneJS? Seems like the demos looks better than reapp.