Using two separate apps with a single mongodb?


I am fairly new to web development as well as MeteorJS. I have started writing an Admin Dashboard app using meteorJS and electron which has worked wonderfully and easily. I am using this dashboard to create rosters and shifts which get uploaded to a collection in the database named “Shifts”, but for now this database is being run when the application is launched.

I would like the deployed app (when finished) to have the mongodb on a different server, then the admin dashboard on other pc’s (within the same network more than likely), and a mobile app that the employees will use to check their rosters.

Is it possible (and hopefully easy) to connect the admin dashboard and mobile apps to the same DB so that user accounts, collections and what not work together?

Reading the documentation I didn’t see much about client side only apps that connect to other mongoURLs, however i did see information on MUP but I don’t have a good grasp yet.


Hi Jeremy,
I think it’ll work fine. But for your case, did you consider running a common meteor app and expose a DDP api instead of connecting directly to the db. If you do this, both apps can share the db and all your server side code.

more info

Hi mnmtanish,

I had not considered that. That looks promising and will definitely give it a shot!

Will that mean I don’t need a local mongodb and I could deploy as is in meteor ?