Using Wordpress With Meteor... Do They Play Nice?

Hey guys, when I am developing an app I have been using Meteor to create all of the content pages such as blog and many other pages. I really feel like I am recreating the wheel when it comes to developing this part of the website. I am so tempted to use Wordpress as the basic content pages for my website such as the homepage and blog as in my personal experience it’s one of the best content management systems there is. I am just wondering if anybody has integrated Wordpress with Meteor so that the more bespoke parts of the app use Meteor?

I’m just wondering if anybody else is using Wordpress as the content management platform for their website and using Meteor for their core app? I feel if I did this I could spend so much more time on the actual core app instead of spending countless hours developing my own CMS for my app.

Thanks, Nick

Nick hello!

There is different database and code by nature.
I saw some tasks on Upwork where people were asking for such a tandem and even someone did it with existing users accounts via sub-domain.
Probably via some intermediate connector or API.

Yes Meteor and Wordpress can definitely be used together. There are a lot of different ways you can integrate them with each other. A couple quick examples:

  • Use the Wordpress admin to manage all static site content (CMS), then pull content and render it in your Meteor app using the WP REST API. There are a lot of different ways you can do this, like calling into the WP API using Methods, leveraging a solution like okgrow:rest2ddp, or if you want bleeding edge, use Apollo (there was some discussion about Apollo and Wordpress in GH recently - start here and work your way down).
  • Use Wordpress as you would normally, driving your complete site. You could then choose to inject Meteor application functionality into your WP site using something like an iframe or separating your Meteor client from your Meteor server, and connecting the two using DDP (see Wire up a Meteor application with an external HTML page for a quick example of this).
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Is this guide available anywhere else? Seems no longer exists.

Hi Brendan

Try this: