Using .yaml for autocomplete feature, and making calculations


The idea is to make skills and certificates availabe as search autocomplete, while also using skill data (degree of difficulty of attaining one) to calculate say difference between search query and search results’ time necessery to accomplish search query settings. What further complicates things is that if say user asked for complicated skill with high requirements- dependency- for other skills and then I’d have nothing to offer than the character with required skills for that skill but not the skill itself. Total noob and in need of input and better yet down right daft instructions because god knows I’ll screw up.

Me mouthing off to a guy for hire:
Those two are the same. Yaml stuff has the data on skills (their dependencies and abilities unlocked), certificates (variety of skills measured by certificate level), and items within the game. There’s more then that within the DB, but those are the things that are relevant. The idea is to make an auction page and a corporate page. Within the auction page you’ll get to search for auctions of characters by their skills and I’d like hint users with autocomplete.Then once they do search for a char, and the database doesn’t discover any exact match I’d like to at least provide characters that are close, but in order to convey to user that those are not exact matches calculate difference in time required for the resulting character to either surpass or reach search queries (measured only by search query settings as apposed to the all of non related skills of character).

Within the game in question- Eve Online- the skills are attained after having been placed in a training que and will basically take set amount time to complete (5 levels) only varying by rank of the skill which determines difficulty, attributes of character relative to primary and secondary attributes of the skll, and level being trained.