Ux goes slower and slower and user uses it

Hi guys, I have a meteor 1.2 in prod and as the user uses the system… it goes slower and slower. It comes to normal if the user closes and open the tab again.

Any ideas what this can be and which tools I could use to find the problem? tks

I would advice you to use https://kadira.io, it will give you a lot of insights into your publications/function calls/etc.

kadira shows everything is OK and under control

I’ve been feeling that the app gradually slows down when I start opening and closing tabs on chrome, after some time it gets painfully slow and impossible to use it. So I restart chrome and everything goes back to normal and fast.

My strongest opinion right now is that this is due to DDP and chrome connections limit. As if when I open a tab and close another one it keeps the connection open.

If I run the app on firefox with the connection limit 100+ I don’t have the problem.

Anyone with an idea on what this can be and how to solve the problem?

Maybe you have a memory leak? You can check this with the Chrome devtools