Validating Forms maintaining the structure of the tutorial angular2-boilerplate socially

Hello, I’m having some doubts about angular2 meteor in the Forms Validation part.

I’m following the tutorial below and I’m trying to implement some validations the same way I did with angular2-cli but I’m not getting it. The way that the form is developed in the tutorial does not accept the way that I develop in angular2-cli.

I am accustomed to doing the validation using [(ngModel)]=”” .

When I implemente [(ngModel)]=”” give me a erro modules.js:56193 EXCEPTION: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined … when I implement the #name = “ngModel” also does not work [ERROR ->] #name = "ngModel"

How can I do form validation by following the tutorial ………below …… have any teaching tutorials?

How to validate the name of this form below using the alter danger?

<form [formGroup]="addForm" (ngSubmit)="addParty()">
  <input type="text" formControlName="name"> </form>

Thanks for attention.