Various "stupid" questions thread

I’m new to meteor and figure it would be a good idea to start a “stupid questions” thread as opposed to cluttering up the forum with separate posts. If anyone else is new to meteor and would like to utilize this thread, by all means please do so!

My first stupid question…

Say I install a package and I want to alter the template it depends on. How do I do this without manually adding the components of the package to my project?

Sorry there is no ‘stupid’ answer for this question. Unless you submit a PR and get the alterations you want made pulled into master you’ll most likely need to make a fork, make your changes, and either publish the package on atmosphere or just add the package to the packages folder and add it to your project.

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And just to add - there are no stupid questions here! Please ask anything you want, anytime. The Meteor community really is amazing and extremely helpful. We’re all in this together, and love working with Meteor, so the more questions (and answers) the better!

Regarding adding different questions under one thread, due to the way Discourse (this forum’s software) works, I would recommend against this. Large posts quickly become difficult to follow and scan through, and having different questions/answers bounced around in one thread causes would be readers to skip the thread entirely. Keeping posts focused leads to better “engagement” (okay, I’ve used up my marketing speak for the day).


Please open a different topic for each question, no matter how stupid you think it is! If you have the question, chances are that other people will, too. Having a topic per question makes it easier to search for answers, and it saves people time because they don’t have to scroll through tens of posts that are not relevant to the question they want answered.