Velocity hangs - How do I debug it?

My Velocity tests used to run fine, but now they just silently hang before starting.

The page lists the Test files, but it’s stuck showing “Loading”, apparently before any tests have started.

It would be nice to know why, but also… How do I even begin to debug something like this?

First you should look into the logs under .meteor/local/log/ for errors. What testing framework do you use and which testing mode (in case you use sanjo:jasmine)?

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Finding the log file quickly resolved the problem. Thanx!

I use Mocha, and the problem was this code:

describe('Round', function() {
  var lunch = makeRound({ title: 'lunch' });

  it('format()', function() {
    chai.expect(makeRound({ formatCode: '2' }).format().name).to.equal("Best of 5});

The var lunch =... line threw an exception, and I guess since it’s outside the actual test (it) code, it broke Velocity instead of generated an error.