Velocity - Jasmine - Webdriver, how to get running...?

I’m trying to set up tests according to the instructions here:

Just using the default meteor create app, and the sample file from the page linked above.

$ meteor list
autopublish             1.0.2  Publish the entire database to all clients
insecure                1.0.2  Allow all database writes by default
meteor-platform         1.2.1  Include a standard set of Meteor packages in your app
sanjo:jasmine           0.12.4  Easily use Jasmine in Meteor
velocity:html-reporter  0.4.2  Reactive Velocity test reports in your app.
xolvio:webdriver        0.5.2 for Meteor

I end up with “ReferenceError: wdio is not defined” and no further info in the consoles.

Any tips??

Can you post the link to the app you have created. Then I will check it.

As I said, noting except the default:

$ meteor create app