Velocity Testing 0.6 Release - Windows, Debugging, Stability

The Velocity testing framework has reached significant milestone with release 0.6, which features Windows support, improved debugging, and significant stability enhancements.

We are proud to have added Windows support to Velocity so quickly after Meteor’s 1.1 release. Windows users now have access to the same testing capabilities enjoyed by the rest of the Meteor community.

We have also added the ability to debug your tests. Just as you can debug the server side of your Meteor app with the Chrome developer tools via node inspector (meteor --debug), you can now debug the test app by setting the DEBUG_FLAG to true. This is available on both the browser and the server, and it will make it easier to troubleshoot challenging testing problems.

Finally, we have significantly improved stability. Velocity began with the ambitious vision of being able to add reactive testing to Meteor by simply adding a Meteor package. We succeeded, but there were edge case behaviors that were hard to troubleshoot. Some of Velocity’s challenges, such as file watching and test environment management, had already been solved by the Meteor core team but were not available to Velocity at the package level. The new release uses a special Meteor release track so we can hook in to those processes directly. This allows Velocity to reuse Meteor’s well-tested codebase to support test environments more robustly.

Further details are available in the release notes.

This is a great time to get started with the following testing frameworks, which are already using the 0.6 release:

We are very eager for your feedback!

The Velocity team would like to thank for sponsoring this release, which otherwise would have been in the indefinite future. helps companies speed up their delivery through testing and automation. Find out more.