Verifying user's email cripples the existing session

I have a problem that might be my own fault, or not…

  1. My user creates an account and browses the app
  2. He/she receives a confirmation email, requesting to click the “verify email” -link generated by Meteor.
  3. User already has an open browser window on my app, when he/she clicks the link, hence opening a new tab to the same app
  4. Email gets verified in new window and all is fine, except in the old window!
  5. Checking up the DDP traffic, what happens in the old window puzzles me:
  • DDP message reveiced indicating the changed email field (verified: true)
  • User logs in again automatically
  • All the subscriptions re-run
  • Apparently the server now thinks the user is not authenticated, since all subscriptions just return return this.ready()

The end result is, that my user is authenticated and does not get thrown to the login page, but all the data is gone (except for user._id, user.emails and user.profile) and the templates are now broken.

How should I go about solving this?

stupid user error, this can be removed.