Version solver issue

Could someone explain me this message ? :

While selecting package versions:
   error: Conflict: Constraint aldeed:autoform@5.8.0 is not satisfied by aldeed:autoform 5.1.0.
   Constraints on package "aldeed:autoform":
   * aldeed:autoform@=5.1.0 <- top level
   * aldeed:autoform@5.8.0 <- custompackages...

The problem is, the app doesn’t add autoform at all. There is no top-level dependency to it, so I cannot remove it and so on.

Have you added any packages which themselves use aldeed:autoform?

Yes I added in packages like aldeed:autoform-bs-datepicker and such but they all include autoform@4.0.0 || 5.0.0.
No package uses autoform with this specific version explicitly that I am aware of.

But even if that was the case, why then would the version solver say that I have this specific top-level dependency ?

OK, got it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s shamefull to say but I had a fork of autoform somewhere in my PACKAGE_DIRS var. It would be so nice if the constraints solver told me it was built from source. The top-level thing really messed with my head, I forgot to check the packages paths…

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