Still learning meteor but I just posted which is done in meteor.

The premise is basically your only input is a number that goes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, … Given that do something creative.

All the source is on github. Will post the docker deployment scripts as well soon

Still struggling with certain meteor concepts and also trying to figure out why Iron Router sometimes reloads the page from scratch and other times just re-rendered when switching routes.


Wait wait wait stop stop stop! Sorry to say that, but the animation in the background of the code is slowing the app so much that makes it impossible to work with it on slower machines. It basically freezes every second for a while.

Yea, that’s a problem with heavy graphics. I can add something to pause the rendering.

Can you do skinning and inverse kinematics too? :slight_smile:

I tried this web app and I got stuck on a page after I visited 4-5 pages :frowning:

Sanjay Kumar

what does “stuck on a page” mean?

  • You were so enthralled you couldn’t stop watching? :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Going to other urls nothing freshed?

  • Your machine locked up for a few seconds? (yes if someone make a really heavy shader that’s a possibility. See and run one fullscreen.

  • Your machine locked up until you shut the power off? (get an OS that doesn’t suck :wink: ) Good OSes monitor the GPU and reset it if it’s given too much work. Windows has done that since Win7 at least. OSX only since 10.8 or 10.9. Linux I have no idea. Android since at least 5.0, maybe before. iOS not sure but I’m guessing iOS8 since Apple suggested they wouldn’t ship WebGL until they got that added to the OS.

    Crossing my fingers we get preemptive GPUs at some point

Added a stop button in the top left

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Stuck on the page means that the page got hanged and I wasn’t able to do anything on the page.

this is awesome! How do you compile and run the code that users can edit? Do you use eval ?

The code users edit are GLSL shaders. They are compiled with the WebGL API. so there’s no eval.

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Very useful! Love the idea of reactively editing on top of the shader, and can see this becoming very popular for sharing and collaborating. Maybe it could include some popular libraries at some point (THREE, Two, Pixi, etc), if that’s not beyond the scope of what you’re trying to do. I’m freezing too on more taxing examples… but that’s to be expected. Maybe having the option to preview in a smaller window would be good. I’m not sure there’s a way to do hardware detection to help automate that? Anyway, great stuff!

Freakin’ cool! Goes well with! :smile:

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Wow, great job! Any guidance on how to convert into a video format?