🚦 TRANSMISSION #1: a weekly show w/Sashko broadcasting the latest from Meteor Forums

Great initiative. Maybe half an hour would be better (Does there happen enough here to fill an hour long talk each week without repeating things to much?)
Anyway, that one hour will probably save me countless other hours reading and discussing here.

It’d be great if every now and then it could be live and there’s some time for live Q&A.

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@benstr A kingdom for subtitles.

I’d love to hear more about this Data Team, and MDG’s initial thoughts on where they’ll improve Meteor :grin: This might get really important for people who feel limited by the current data-layer!


Yes, an hour is long. I hope it is between 30 and 45 minutes.

We opted for a pre-recorded show so we would have the opportunity to prepare more and have the ability to pull in guests if possible. But a few live shows should happen too :thumbsup:


I’d rather focus on recent threads than digging up the blaze thread again - there has been enough interesting stuff in the last week to make a whole show about, and I feel like it will be more interesting to keep it current.


Topics I would like to see discussed aside from what was already posted:


I’ll start the name game with “OK:GO” (see what I did there :wink:?)

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I understand the interest but that’s not about meteor. In fact, it contributes to so much of the distraction. Considering the coming of 1.3, There are so many meteor specific issues to address. I’m just saying.


@sashko which recent topics stand out to you as something you would like to talk on?

I’d love to hear @sashko’s thoughts on Mantra.


That was just my bad attempt at Meteor forum humour. For some reason I find it funny but then again my sense of humour has been skewed by years of Seinfeld re-runs …


How about speak in general about the true state of Meteor’s Open Source(ness). And specifically why this PR has not been accepted.

Meteor current has 107 open pull requests and counting.


Heading to work soon and I’ll post about which threads I’d personally like to respond to. However, I’m not sure how we are going to select from all of these great suggestions.

Here are the top 10 posts of last month, according to Discourse:

I tried just last week, but there wasn’t as much good stuff compared to some of these. Here are the ones I’m most interested in talking about:

  1. Top 5 predictions for Meteor in 2016/Mantra (I think these can be grouped into one personally)
  2. JavaScript fatigue/frustration of keeping current, specifically in the Meteor world
  3. Meteor meets GraphQL, and some comparisons between Meteor with DDP and Meteor with GraphQL

I think the plan is for me to select 3 and then we’ll select 3 from community suggestions?


Wait, how is this list above sorted (Replies/Views seem out of order)? Since it’s a weekly thing, why not most popular by week instead of month? Also, is this a live streaming thing or will it be recorded? Will you have a hotline we can call :smiling_imp: into if you’re taking on-air questions or will there be a side feed? Lastly, when will it drop?

I decided to look at the most popular ones last month since this is the first episode, and there are some great threads that don’t quite fall inside the boundary of one week.

It’s sorted by Discourse’s perception of “top”, which seems to include views, replies, and perhaps some other metrics.

When I was talking to Ben, we agreed that it would be interesting to have 3 topics selected by me personally, and 3 selected by some community process. The ones above are the ones I’m personally interested in, so there should be 3 more that are selected in a different way over which I have no control.

@benstr can you clarify the process for selecting these threads so that people can be aware?

Yep, @sashko is on target. We are having Sashko pick 3 he finds interesting and 3 from the community. I did not mention the part about Sashko picking 3 in the original post because… I forgot :grin: sorry.

With Sashko having the ability to select his own topics gives the audience the opportunity to hear what he (MDG) is interested in and gives MDG the ability to share pertinent and timely information and/or announcements.

Sashko those are great topics :thumbsup:


Answer here: 🚦 TRANSMISSION #1: a weekly show w/Sashko broadcasting the latest from Meteor Forums

Will be recorded Friday, likely to drop late Monday.


Here are the topics for show #1. Thanks for all who helped pick the topics and thanks to my partner in crime @sashko .

  1. Top 5 predictions for Meteor in 2016 & Introducing Mantra (grouped)
  2. The state of Meteor, Parts 1 & 2
  3. JavaScript fatigue & frustration of keeping current, specifically in the Meteor world
  4. How open source Meteor really is if pull requests are not getting in?
  5. Meteor meets GraphQL

Alright, time to cram overnight to get ready for this thing!