🚦 TRANSMISSION #5 (legacy #3.0): broadcasting the latest from Meteor Forums

:point_right: Howdy Meteor Forum peeps, It is time to plan show #5!
Reply below, let us know which topics are the most important to you from the past week(s)!


Show #2 is still trickling out… delayed, errr sorry about that. So far #2.1 Reactive GraphQL has been released with #2.2 How Open Source is Meteor Really? and #2.3 Why 1.3 does not use Webpack coming soon.

Thank you for all the positive feedback on the Reactive GraphQL show.

Upcoming Iteration:

  • The podcast will now be the whole show… no more partial releases.
  • The videos will be a handful of 5 minute long snippets featuring the best highlights.
  • We will make a generic (and short) introduction.


TRANSMISSION is a weekly podcast/vlog covering the most important topics to come out of the Meteor Forums. Each week I need your help to pick the most relevant forum posts for @sashko and I to discuss in deeper detail. We will pick 2 of your topics to talk on, Sashko will pick the another two. I will be your investigative journalist and Sashko will be our “inside contact”.

It is our hope for this show to becomes a weekly staple for all Meteor developers to get the inside scoop.

Podcast Site: https://transmission.simplecast.fm/


This show is an independent experiment from @sashko (MDG Core Dev) and myself (OKGrow Dev). The opinions shared will be our own.


What do you all think of @sashko new mic?


@sashko I would like to get a final outcome to… “Can Meteor Scale?”


Some candidate topics:

  1. Mantra Meteor + React + Mantra tutorial/walkthrough
  2. Does Meteor scale But Does Meteor Scale?
  3. JSX templates Feedback Appreciated: JSX Templates

Looks like these topics are not as intense as previous weeks, perhaps it can be a shorter show this time!


Yeah. It’s great this time.

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May be there is lot to talk on the JSX templates side. I assume this is Sachas post. Pros and cons and so on.

  1. react best practices

  2. advanced meteor best practices

  3. modularity

  4. anything that can help us build better apps

  5. IP protection strategies with meteor electron and Cordova apps

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Yeah I think a lot of people going from Blaze to React worry about React’s lack of templates, and see it as a net loss. Maybe it’d be good to explain why it isn’t actually that bad?


So it has been a slow week and have not gotten much action on this post. I like the topics @sashko selected, especially the JSX Templating which was a hot topic on Twitter this week.

I also would like to talk about expectations when trying 1.3. As the release gets closer and more devs try out the Beta, they need to know the issues with existing packages (especially SASS packages), the compatibility path for package owners and a PSA about 1.3 being BETA and the documentation that will come out before official release.

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Show 5 is live! Enjoy, it is a big one! :slight_smile: https://transmission.simplecast.fm/5

In this show we cover a lot! Check it out:

  • [ 04:15 ] - Does Meteor Scale? (Meteor Forum)

  • [ 15:55 ] - Meteor vs Phoenix, Rails & Wordpress

  • [ 25:00 ] - Should I use Meteor if…

  • [ 32:45 ] - The 1.3 Beta upgrade experience (Meteor Forum)

  • [ 43:47 ] - What is happening to Meteor’s React Mixin?

  • [ 45:55 ] - When will UnderscoreJS be upgraded? (GitHub Issue)

  • [ 48:20 ] - Mantra vs Meteor Guides (Meteor Forum)

  • [ 55:10 ] - Community to build official Meteor tutorials??

  • [ 57:00 ] - Sashko’s vision of multiple stacks on top of Meteor

cc @sashko


Great stuff! Hope it’s easier for people to find the relevant parts this way :]


@sashko and the rest of ya’ll, which 3 or 4 of the bullet points above would you like to see as a highlight on YouTube?

Going to take a listen overnight and see!

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@0:44:15 - “I’m just hating on you” lmao @sashko I see you :smiley:

Awesome to see MDG going the simple route with keeping mixins. They work, they’re easy to grok. Allow people to customize, but leave the simple things that 99% will use.


I think that’s a really good call. Helping people understand how to make the decision on whether to adopt Blaze or React (poor Angular…) probably has some real merit, there seem to be a lot of questions cropping up around that.

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