🚦 TRANSMISSION #7: Apollo AKA Reactive GraphQL (Released)

YES PLEASE - keep 'em coming!


Weekly’s would be nice. You guys can probably skip this week since Meteor night happened.


I’d also like to listen to the podcast frequently (weekly). Shorter episodes are OK for me when there is less to talk about.

I’m mainly interested in what’s going on in MDG, what progress has been made with Meteor.
Maybe also to point to things where the community can help, to make faster progress.

As a topic I would like to hear about what the situation is with automated testing Meteor core and CLI itself.

  • What is your testing culture in MDG?
  • What can be improved on that?
  • Does the testing improvements release with Meteor 1.3 make any difference regarding that?
  • Is this something, where the community can help?
  • Are you going to transition to Mocha (from Tinytest and Selftest)?

A bit more high level, but In light of the recent discussion about “the sad state of web development”, I’d be interested in knowing how the rise of node/js influenced pivot strategies (especially early on) for mdg.

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Am loving the weekly shows as well - as long as there’s topics and time. Cut them short when things are moving slow :slight_smile:

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Hey team, @sashko and I just wrapped up recording #7. It turned out to be a major deep dive into Apollo. I promise you will love it. So much amazing things were touched on.

We are already planning show #8 with a super special guest I hope! When I start the show 8 thread I am going to carry over some of the topics mentioned here like testing, high level node talk, best practices, etc. And we will let you all vote.

Sashko, myself and MDG have big plans for Transmission. Thank you for making it so successful!


i could answer some of these questions

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Everyone I am sorry for the delay of show #7. But let me tell you, this show is amazing. If you want to know the future-future of the Meteor stack then you must listen to this show. After listening I saw a glimpse of Meteor 2.0 and a mass rush in the wider Node universe to adopt Apollo.

This show is a deep dive into the Apollo stack (Reactive GraphQL) plus the future of Meteor and Galaxy. @sashko shared some amazing details as we worked through each section of this document on GitHub, High-level Design

Enjoy and share! I really want the React community to listen and respond so please share on twitter and all places we amazing nerds congregate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Re-tweet: https://twitter.com/_benstr/status/702868922282934272


In this show we cover a lot! Check it out:

  • [ 04:00 ] - Reactive GraphQL new name … Apollo
  • [ 05:25 ] - MDG’s new community inclusive MVP approach
  • [ 07:18 ] - New Meteor stack after Apollo
  • [ 12:30 ] - Redux and Relay
  • [ 17:55 ] - GraphQL Query Basics
  • [ 19:08 ] - Apollo Architecture Overview
  • [ 22:28 ] - Apollo’s Invalidation Server Intro
  • [ 25:08 ] - Reactivity control & better offline data
  • [ 28:20 ] - Apollo’s Invalidation Server In-depth
  • [ 32:24 ] - Invalidation/Reactivity options
  • [ 33:58 ] - Mutations are the new “Meteor Methods”
  • [ 36:17 ] - Mutations and Reactivity
  • [ 40:42 ] - Optimistic UI now powered by Apollo (even non-meteor apps)
  • [ 41:32 ] - Business side of Apollo
  • [ 43:26 ] - Competitors
  • [ 46:23 ] - New Galaxy hosting options
  • [ 48:06 ] - Kadira, Galaxy and Reactive Performance Monitoring
  • [ 50:57 ] - Security with no Pub/Sub
  • [ 53:38 ] - Wrapping up and discussing Apollo GH Organization
  • [ 59:30 ] - END

@arunoda there was a lot of talk about you at minute 48:00 :wink:

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Ha ha. Thanks for the reference :slight_smile:


Loved that episode, thank you guys! It would be great to know when we will have some news about Apollo! And it sounds like MDG, especially @sashko are already trying a couple of things - why not publish those experiments to GitHub? :wink:




so good it is! :sparkles:

Good idea! We should do that.

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Great episode!

It was fascinating learning about how the current optimistic UI system worked with the timestamps and what not.

Don’t worry about getting too technical! This is the kind of stuff I love listening to. Can’t wait for the mysterious guest next week!