Very big data collection in mongoDB how to fetch in meteor js?


meteor js with mongodb billion data in collection


The amount of data in your database is of no importance. What matters is what you want to display to users.


How large are the documents? Because a billion documents are going to put a huge load on your app server no matter what framework you use. You are better off using the Mongo aggregations facilities to process datasets of that size.


i want to display only 100 data in any table but give facility to sort paging and search if click next page than display next 100 pagination like first previous next and last if click last than display last 100


near 2 crore data because my application fetch live data so in 1 second 3 to 4 data come i have save minimum 1 year data


This package provides pagination and works with large datasets.


And for a native Meteor solution, have a look at the limit parameter (see the Meteor doc, or this article).