Very important question about Meteor

Hi everyone

Which new technology should i learn right now to be able to program on meteor in the future (ver. 1.3/2.0)?

  1. React.js - of course, no problem
  2. Flux?
  3. Redux?

    n. Your variant

Looks like everything what I know now about Meteor will cost nothing…


I think we should just learn JS technologies not only in the context of Meteor. So yes, Node, React, GraphQL, Redux - not as a particular tool but as an example and way of managing the state and data flow in the app. Also Blaze. It will not die, it is needed too. There will be also Angular2 with an official Meteor support. It could be a thing soon (There is Angular2 beta and Angular2 team is soo efficient).

My personal choice for a couple of future weeks/months is React + Webpack. I hope that I’ll be able to use it with Meteor without any major problems (I think of ;)).

At one time there were so many flux variants to choose from that they ran out of back to the future references. Each one was popular it seemed for a few weeks before something ‘better’ came out.

This has changed as the react ecosystem since last summer appears to have settled on Redux. I’d say that’s a safe bet at this point.

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+1 redux is flux done right


Yes, me too… but looks like MDG reinvent the wheel, not use webpack…

I’m very comfortable with Meteor and Blaze. I’m very like React, but it looks like not enough for the future versions of Meteor. For me, year ago, when I found Meteor for myself, all what I was needed - Right now - I have no idea. Now I can open and try to find something like reactjs or angular. The result will be zero. I think it’s not normal.

Meteor becomes too complicated, it is neither good nor bad

But in the near future we can’t say to newcomers “Build apps that are a delight to use, faster than you ever thought possible” kickstart simple nor huge don’t compile for me unfortunately. And their website is down.