Very slow refresh when changing styles

I’m using coffeescript and coagmano:stylus.
When I import the styles inside the stylus files (@import ‘./some/path/style.styl’) it works fine.
But when I import the styles inside the coffee files (import ‘./style.styl’) then hot reload doesn’t work, with each change of styles the project is rebuild and the page reloads and besides this refresh has long delays, 20 - 60 seconds.

Hey, try pinning the last version: coagmano:stylus@1.1.0
I’ve definitely noticed a performance regression in 2.0 and haven’t had the time to fix it

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Thank you. It helps. When do you plan to fix it?

I honestly won’t have any FOSS time till at least late May.

If you want to have a crack at it, the background information is in PR #6 and PR #7

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