Viability for destop app with Meteor

Hi, guys, I’m noob in meteor. I am currently working on the idea of erp for small businesses. For various reasons I decided to build the app with web technologies. However, I don’t know to use Meteor is a good idea, since I intended to use Electron. My questions are: is the meteor-desktop project mature? Is it possible to create a web app that works offline in the browser? Would it be a better alternative compared to Electron? Thank’s.

P.S .: Sorry for bad english.

I would use electron/react and apollo

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You can develop the meteor app, and then just encapsulate with Electron, you don’t need to use meteor-desktop.

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Yes, I had thought of that. But are there no compatibility issues? (e.g. Windows installer and Automatic Updates). Or rather, I can encapsulate a meteor app without technical complications?

Yes. No issues when we used. Electron is a Nodejs application, so it was really easy.

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We used nwjs and it was super easy (likely easier than Electron as the entry point of nwjs is DOM). By using serviceworkers our app was cached and well-behaved offline too.