Viability for destop app with Meteor


Hi, guys, I’m noob in meteor. I am currently working on the idea of erp for small businesses. For various reasons I decided to build the app with web technologies. However, I don’t know to use Meteor is a good idea, since I intended to use Electron. My questions are: is the meteor-desktop project mature? Is it possible to create a web app that works offline in the browser? Would it be a better alternative compared to Electron? Thank’s.

P.S .: Sorry for bad english.


I would use electron/react and apollo


You can develop the meteor app, and then just encapsulate with Electron, you don’t need to use meteor-desktop.


Yes, I had thought of that. But are there no compatibility issues? (e.g. Windows installer and Automatic Updates). Or rather, I can encapsulate a meteor app without technical complications?


Yes. No issues when we used. Electron is a Nodejs application, so it was really easy.


We used nwjs and it was super easy (likely easier than Electron as the entry point of nwjs is DOM). By using serviceworkers our app was cached and well-behaved offline too.