Video and image upload downscaling - Cordova vs. Serverside


I am planning to provide some image and video upload to my users as part of the app and there needs to be some sort of downscaling of too large images. I am unsure, what design will turn out to be better in the long run: using cordova plugins vs. server-side using e.g. imagemagick and ffmpeg.

I’d like to hear of your experiences with scaling the images or videos. Any hint is much appreciated.


I don’t have experience with videos, but for images, we downscale in the phone before uploading if the image will be downscaled anyway. This is to save the user bandwidth and time during uploading for example a 20mb image from which a 100kb version will do


Thank you, I was thinking about doing it this way, too. Do you use a cordova plugin to achieve that or a JS lib?


There were a couple of images resizer plugin I saw before but because we ask the user to edit the image before uploading, we are currently using the image editor also as the image resizer.

Forgot this: we are using croppie for this (crop and resize)


Great, thanks for the sharing!