Video plugin for Meteor 1.3+ (Capable of playing VR content)

I am learning MeteorJS and I would like to embed a YouTube video clip in the app. The video is VR-enhanced. I have tried to use the iFrame API from Google directly and it works only in desktop. I need to get the VR-enhanced video to work for iOS and Android platform. What is a good Cordova plugin that you can recommend?

Did anyone play a virtual reality enhanced video on Meteor platform yet? I found the following plugin:

and I got the VR video to play in the iOS simulator. However, when I built the app via Xcode and test it on my iPhone, the video simply refused to play. Did anyone try this before? Any help / pointers are greatly appreciated.

Add the following in your config.xml (Staging/config.xml):

<allow-intent href="*" /> <allow-navigation href="*" />

Or you can use instead of * .

Thanks. In Meteor, I have set the above in mobile.config.js.


Per Meteor doc, that should be it.

Any additional pointers?