Video upload to app's youtube account (NOT user's account)

I am trying to build an app with following features:

  1. record video (cordova-media-capture)
  2. upload the video directly to app’s youtube account
  3. allow app’s admin to mark video public/private based on content on youtube dashboard

1 and 3 features are very easy to do, 2nd is the hardest. Whatever meteor code I have tested and read, involves using app user’s OAuth2 credentials to generate access code and then upload the captured video into user’s youtube account.

What I want to do is to upload the captured video into app’s youtube account (not user’s) using whichever authentication is required i.e. OAuth2, API key, Server account key.

The most ideal scenario would be to upload it directly from app (meteor app to youtube server). If this is not possible then uploading the video to S3 (edgee:slingshot) and then uploading it to youtube server is also an option (meteor app to AWS S3 to youtuber server)

Is it possible? Any suggestions/thoughts/feedback :confused:

the slingshot ideas sounds good. We use that when users upload images through our app. I doubt YouTube provides temporary access tokens for uploads like AWS, so I think you’ll probably need to bounce it somewhere like S3.

maybe helpful? found this with a quick search

The server-side OAuth2 stuff against Google’s API is a bit fiddly here. I’ve put together a gist that shows how to do it without the ‘extra’ webserver gubbins used by the various youtube upload npm packages.