View updates not going to Mongo

I’m using angular-meteor 1.3.2 - great work! I’m also using Angular 1 (haven’t tried 2 yet).

Updates to an object in my view (or even when I hard code a change in the the controller) aren’t getting posted to Mongo but the subscribes otherwise seem to work.

Here’s my controller:

$scope.subscribe('roundsByFoursome', () => [$]);
    foursome() { return Foursomes.findOne($ },
    roundList() { return Rounds.find({ foursomeId: $ })}

Here’s a modified version where I directly update the roundList in onReady and I would expect the value to be pushed to mongo but it is not:

$scope.subscribe('roundsByFoursome', () => [$], {
    onReady: function () {
        $scope.roundList[0].grossScores[9] = 9;
    onError: function () { console.log('onError roundsByFoursome return'); }

I believe this feature is referred to as “autobind” and it’s been removed from angular-meteor 1.3


Excerpt from the Summary, item 2:

Removing autobind to encourage people to use best practices of event handling to get better performance and easier maintainability.

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