Viewing the Excel or CSV files in a web-page in meteor

Am new to meteor and I wanted to display excel or CSV files in a web page so can any one suggest me that is there any libraries available?
and excel files and CSV files are stored in s3 bucket from there I can get the files but need to display them in a web page.

It is very helpful if found any answers.

You can use a function to convert from CSV to JSON (such as this one: jquery - Convert CSV data into JSON format using Javascript - Stack Overflow) and then display the JSON in a table (available for any front end).

If your CSV files are too large and take too much client resources to convert, you can use Lambda functions since you already use S3.

Thanks for the reply, but i want to embed complete excel file itself so that user can edit.

Thank you :smiley:, I will try this one and one last request is that any sample code which is tried in meteor js?