Viewport on Android App

i simply open a local image in the /public folder by a link on an html template:
<a href="/pippo/Foto.jpg">Foto</a>

If i build for a WebApp and use it on my PC the image normally cover the screen, If I reduce the size of the browser window, the image is responsive.

Instead if I build for an Meteor Android App the image is opened, but it is fixed to the real size and so it go outside of the screen size. I cannot reduce the size or zoom, i can only move the image to left-right / up-down

Seems to me that the Viewport tag is not working on Meteor Android app ?
I do not manually set the Viewport, i leave it as Meteor outofthebox

In your head, try:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

I already tryed it, do not work.
In reality it is not needed, because this viewport setting is hardcoded in meteor, it is always present.
You can see it by inspector of chrome

so no idea ?
it is a bug or a standard behavior ?