Visual Studio for node.js


Anyone know whether building Meteor apps with this is feasible? Visual Studio has always been a pretty great IDE!



Hmm this is not the exact comment I wanted to quote but if you go through that post, you’ll get the point :smile:


@manuel is using visual studio in this talk : I can’t tell if it has all those features or not, but it looks like it’s code completing at least.


I wasn’t using any extensions. I haven’t tried the Node extension. There’s a project on codeplex that supposedly makes VS work with Meteor but it doesn’t have any kind of documentation. Right now VS is a glorified Notepad when it comes to Meteor development.


yes, i think doing Meteor dev in VS would be like using Excel as a word processor.


Do you know guys anthing about this project:


Has anyone explored using Visual Studio Code ( for a Meteor project?
Node support in place and ES6 intruduced in the 0.5.0 release.
if Microsoft is going to fully support Meteor my bet are that VSC is the one that will provide it,


give WebStorm a try. it’s amazing.


WebStorm is a great tool, but a free alternative on Windows would be the stack bellow:

Visual Studio 2015 Community -
Node.js Tools for Visual Studio -
Web Essentials - Search for it as this forum is not allowing me to post more than two links, right now.

IntelliJ should release a Community Edition of WebStorm just like it does with IntelliJ (the predecessor of all their golden tools).


I am having a great experience with it, and as a Office heavy user I can understand your metaphor :smile:
Several Windows users have Visual Studio they will stuck with it, so why not push meteor to them? Think about the Enterprise which has bought MS software.