Voting for Meteor to be added to Bitnami's applications catalogue

Do you guys know Bitnami by vmware? It’s a set of containerized applications which ship with everything needed to run that particular stack. I find them a brilliant solution when needing to deploy applications to local Windows machines, or for less technically-savvy people.

They have a form where new applications can be requested at - it would be great if Meteor could be added to them.

Right now, I’m using their MEAN application (mongo / express / angular / node) and make some edits to the configuration to integrate the mongodb database and enable a reverse proxy for the app - but having a specific Meteor package with everything ready to go and without the angular overhead would be great.

I can see a thread on these forums from 2015 announcing that Meteor was going to be added to the application list, so not sure whether that never went forward or if it was deprecated, maybe they’re not aware of the “second renaissance” that Meteor going through after being acquired by Tiny.