VS Code launch.json file for client AND server code debugging anyone?

Hi there,

After getting discouraged by WebStorm over a year old but yet unresolved bugs on stopping at most breakpoints (and even most debugger statements) in CoffeeScript Meteor app code, I am giving VS Code a try.

Since it features as built in a debugger for Node and MS has also published a debugger for Chrome extension, leveraging VS Code features for both the client and server code of a Meteor should be doable in theory.

Is anyone doing this in practice and could (s)he share with us a launch.json file that works allowing to set breakpoints in the client only code, server only code and isomorphic api code running on both the client and the server of a Meteor app?

Googling, I have found a few examples of lauch.json with configuration type node but none with type chrome so far. Should there simply be two configurations in the launch.json file, one with the type node and another wth type chrome? Or is it far more complex than that to get breakpoints working in any part of the source Meteor app code (by source here I mean the .js or .coffee files written by the programmer, not the app.js files generated by Meteor).

To use such breakpoints with Ramonitor’s Meteor Helper “Meteor Debug” command at the VS Code F1 command prompt, should one add an Launch config? an Attach config? an Attach to Process config?

Much thanks in advance for any pointers.