VSCode extension for ViewModel

Just released a VSCode extension for ViewModel to make life even easier.

Right click the name of a new component you’re about to create:

And you get a sub folder with the empty component:

And test scaffold:

With Blaze it generates the following:

<template name="Person">

This looks awesome !

Awesome! Is this coming to Atom?

I don’t have the bandwidth for it. If you use VM with Atom then it might be worth your time to create it =)

I’ve been using Scaffs to achieve this with VS Code and Blaze + ViewModel combo. I got tired of creating three files for each and every component (component.js, component.html, component.css) and hooking them up together and writing the (minimal, but still) boilerplate required.

With this VS Code Extension, it’s easy to configure your own scaffolding presets.

Example for Angular: https://github.com/itslenny/scaffs-registry/tree/master/angular

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Ahah! So nice I’m using VS Code for ViewModel-React!

Manuel, your focus on removing boilerplate code is so appreciated! Thanks for your nice work!

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