VSCode is unresponsive during meteor reload


I have a 2016 MBP with 16GB Ram. The problem is that VSCode becomes unresponsive for a few seconds each time save a meteor project. I guess this is because it triggers a server reload, but I don’t know if this is normal or not. Any ideas/suggestions?

I don’t know what causes the momentary unresponsiveness of VSCode, but I don’t think it’s normal. We have been working on various Meteor projects using different MBPs and didn’t encounter this phenomenon.

If you are have any active virus or malware scanners running, they could be the cause of the issue. Microsoft Defender is notorious for Meteor build perf issues.

Go to visual Studio codes preferences and lookup watcher exclude. This list prevent VSC from watching certain folders for changes.

Try adding /.meteor/ to exclude the meteor build folder from being watched by VSC.

You could also try

Search Exclude & Files Excude are also good candidates to have certain folders ignored. This is especially true if your source is on a network drive


VSC Git plugins can also cause chaos when using a network share on windows in VSC. Everything grinds to a halt.

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I think it happens when node debugging is turned on. VSCode once told me that it took too long to set up a breakpoint and I should update launch.json to exclude some folders, but I’m not sure what to do exactly.