Vue app keeps refreshing after upgrade to 1.8-rc.16


Hi, I am migrating a large app from a Blaze view layer over to Vue. If I try to upgrade meteor to the latest rc (currently 1.8-rc.16), start the meteor server and direct my browser to localhost:3000, the app keeps refreshing indefinitely. Does this happen to anyone else?

I am using meteor-vue-tracker v1.0.0-beta.3 and akryum:vue-component v0.14.0.


There seems to be some discussion about this here


I am waiting for this to be resolved as well. Vue users should hold off upgrading before a solution arrives.

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yes, it happens to everyone else. I guess we have to wait until @akryum has some spare cpu cycles to fix his package. BTW, this appear to be a dev only thing: Meteor build appears to work fine.


Any updates on the issue? I just updated my app to 1.8 and it is now continuously refreshing.


For now you can switch off HMR by setting the NO_HMR environment variable to 1:

export NO_HMR=1

No worries though. Meteor’s hot code pushes still work. You might get an error about babel caching. Just ignore it for now. Its not breaking anything


Thanks for a tip, seems to be running fine. Fingers crossed a proper fix is released soon.

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I’m actually considering creating a new package that uses meteor + webpack. I cannot fix this issue for now because of lack of understaning the build system. We need some build tool gurus here :frowning:


Got addicted, learned some stuff about compiling in Meteor and now I have a fix on Saturday night… :smile:

@tomnewmann @hluz @vooteles @runarberg @akryum



Hopping Akryum merges it soon…


Much respect! Great to see a PR on this issue.