Vue guide outdated? NO_HMR = 1 still needed?


I am back trying to use Meteor with Vue as frontend after a year of interruption.

Since then a Vue section has been added to the guide:
Thanks @cloudspider!

However, it says that to run a Meteor+Vue app we should do: NO_HMR=1 meteor

This seems to be related to a conflict between Meteor 1.8 and

But this issue seemed to have been solved:

So should I infer that we can now follow the Meteor Vue guide but launch the app by simply typing: meteor
with no need for this NO_HMT=1 default overriding option?

We use Vue with the latest version of the vue packages and the lasted version of Meteor with no need of NO_HMR flag.

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I have problem on Meteor + Vue SSR?

Yes what to use with Meteor/vue and SSR support?

I tried via SSR and Code Splitting.
But don’t work