Vue.js 2 Web Development Projects Book Review Coming Soon

So the author of this book is @akryum and I ordered a copy of it so i can review it for everyone here, I think its important to support the people in the Meteor Community that put in alot of effort so we can have as much fun as we do building things with the tools and packages they make.

So when my copy arrives I will do a write up here and hopefully if you work somewhere where they reimburse technical book expenditures or you can afford a copy and you would like to read it you will make the purchase.



I have recently got into Meteor, and I like the look of Vue more than React. For anyone curious. Project 6 features Meteor and Vue.


the book is scheduled for delivery today :slight_smile: … i’ll read through it and then let people know what I think. But like I mentioned before, its author is a member of the community so showing support is important

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So I have been trying to teach myself Vue lately because I want to refactor my hobby Meteor application to use Vue instead of Blaze. And so i bought Vue in Action and Vue,js 2 Web Development and I have really enjoyed both of them. I think that Vue is the right choice for me, when it comes to a front end framework . I had been considering using React as well but decided against it.

So as far as my experience with the Vue.js 2 Web Development book I would say that it really helped guide me through using Vue to a point where I could then do some self directed learning using Vue in Action. I think Vue.js 2 Web Development is the book I should have started with first because it just ramps you up slowly and teaches you all the aspects of the framework starting from a simple foundation . And then once I was done with the game project in Chapter 3 I was feeling pretty comfortable using Vue and could jump to the Meteor project in the last chapter. I think for anyone who wants to learn Vue having both books is great, but if you can only get one get Vue.js 2 Web Development. The purchase will help support a member of the community and you will build a strong Vue skill set after building all 6 projects in the book.

The Meteor project in the book is small, which for me was a little disappointing but it covers routing and how to get your components wired up to your subscriptions so it will help me when i go to refactor my Meteor application. So I am grateful that it was included in the book

I will say this though,this book is not a reference book. For that the Vue documentation will be your primary resource. It is more akin to a collection of tutorial’s that guide you through building a collection of small sample applications. Which I like better. I want to get my hands dirty and play around with a framework to learn it. And the Vue Dev tools browser extension is awesome and is a huge reason why things just kind of clicked for me when playing with Vue so download that as soon as possible (which both books recommend as well)