Vue loves Meteor! Simple entrypoint for your next project


I am big fan of Meteor (since 0.9 version). Also, I integrated Vue with Meteor few times. For that purpose, I created very simple entrypoint for my next Vue + Meteor project. Personally I used it three times, but just today I decided to make it public and share it with you.


Does it support realtime updates? And if Yes, how do you subscribe and handle subscriptions?!

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No, I did not introduce sub & pub integration yet. I will update the repo and let you know, thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

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Are you interested in joining up on the effort of making vue integration easy? I’ve build a similar boilerplate and don’t want to double do the work. :grinning:

I have some boilerplates here which I’ve shared on the forum aswell:

Also I’m working on the guide and the tutorials, but unfortunatly I did not get the tutorials to run locally. I could use some help on that.

Just as a status update, i’m awaiting some pull requests to update the Meteor guide for vue ssr:

Help is welcome !


Yes, I think it is good idea. It would be great to have contribution into Meteor Guide. It will be a pleasure for me :blush:

On what topics I can be involved first?

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Well, here’s the Vue guide:

So the simple scenario and getting started is covered. I’m now focusing on using Meteor Methods in Vuex (without the vue-meteor-tracker package). And I’m describing how to use it with SSR (about to release a simple blog example using Meteor methods and Vuex.

2 other requested topics were:

  • How to use Meteor’s Minimongo system without SSR
  • How to use Minimongo with pub sub it with SSR


At the beginning I decided to write few words about “How to integrate Vue with Meteor’s realtime data layer”.

Just let me know if the direction is good.

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