Vue+Meteor Discord Channel (updated - general MeteorJS discord server )


I have created a new Discord Channel dedicated to discussing using Vue with Meteor.

Join here to show off things you’ve built, ask a question, answer others’ questions and chat about everything related to Vue+Meteor.

If any core contributor (I’m looking at you, Akryum :grinning:) would like ownership, please let me know and I will transfer it.


Briljant idea. Will definatly keep an eye on the chats to help out and share ideas


Why not a meteor discord with a channel dedicated to vue?


Sounds awesome. Bit afraid though if it would replace the forum or that there’s going to be a split when we do?


Sounds good to me. It has been updated.

I don’t intend for it to replace the forum. The forum has survived despite and Slack meteor groups, which are both slower than I would like. I suspect there are many users like me who typically do not engage with the forum and are already active on discord.

Let me know if you have any other ideas.