Vue + Meteor Tutorial

So I made a small application using Vue and Meteor and I wanted to do a couple blog posts describing how to recreate something similar for people new to Vue and Meteor.

So my question is where would people like me to do this blog post, is there a preferred spot or anywhere I can and just link to it here? I have one more component to make that will demonstrate subscribing to a publication and then Its pretty much ready to go, so I could start writing the blog soon.

And I would also like to volunteer to create a Vue tutorial for the Meteor site (a simple todo list app very much like the react tutorial just using Vue). I am just not sure how to start that but for now I will build out the repo that I would use for that.

6 Likes seems to get a lot of attention. If you don’t have your own blog I think this is a great place to add it.

Looking forward to read it soon!

2 Likes is a good suggestion. Either way I would love to see the tutorial

2 Likes does look nice. I will start the write up this weekend.

Topics will include

Accounts in Meteor
Role Management in Meteor


@brianmulhall, Very thanks.
I base on Meteor + Vue, and then now I am trying Vue Composition API (3)

I am hoping to start documenting more of my experiences as a new Meteor user to help other people see how great Meteor is once you get started. The Vue app was step one, and now that that is built I would like to take over the Restivus package and release an updated version. I will write blog posts about that experience as well. It takes time but its really fun


Ok to get a style and format for my tutorial that I liked i looked to the meteor tutorials as a guide ( the ones on their site). And I actually made a todo list tutorial first. so i am going to post that this weekend on and then build a new tutorial based on my app but using that same format. i think it will come out really nice :slight_smile: thanks for the patience everyone haha


ok so this repo is all set, and when you run it using the tutorial-viewer utility app it came out nice.

and if this repo were added inside of meteor’s github account i could update the

repos to include a reference to it as a submodule.

And then maybe get it on the site someday after some people had given some feedback on whether they liked it. I would like to make one for Svelte as well so those two were added to the Meteor site as a way to market meteor’s flexibility on the front end

Update i am trying to bring this issue back to life :slight_smile: wish me luck haha