Vue-Router 2 Global Guards not running on manual page refresh

I’m trying to implement a quick solution for a route based authorization I need for my app and I have managed to setup Global Guards on my router that work fine when navigating using links on the app. The problem arises when I try to manually refresh the page or simply type in the URL in the browser address bar.

I have set up my router as follows:

import {Tracker} from "meteor/tracker";
import {Meteor} from "meteor/meteor";

import Authorization from '/imports/lib/Authorization';

// Import the router factory
import {RouterFactory, nativeScrollBehavior} from 'meteor/akryum:vue-router2'

// Create router instance
const routerFactory = new RouterFactory({
    mode: 'history',
    scrollBehavior: nativeScrollBehavior,

import Dashboard from '/imports/ui/dashboard/Dashboard';
import Visits from '/imports/ui/visits/Visits.vue';
// More Components

RouterFactory.configure(factory => {
                path: '/',
                name: 'dashboard',
                component: Dashboard,
                path: '/visits',
                name: 'visits',
                component: Visits
            // More Routes

const router = routerFactory.create();

// A simple class holding my permissions
const auth = new Authorization();

Tracker.autorun(() => {
    router.beforeEach((to, from, next) => {
        if( == 'not-authorized'){
        } else if (!Meteor.userId() && != 'sign-in') {
            console.log("Redirect to Sign In");
        } else if (Meteor.userId() && == 'sign-in') {
            console.log("Signed In so to Dashboard");
        } else if (Meteor.user()){
            console.log("Result: " + auth.canAccessPath(Meteor.user().profile.roleName,;
            console.log("Path: " +;

                console.log("Is Authorized");
            } else {
                console.log("Is logged in but not Authorized");

export default router;

Could the issue be with Tracker.autorun()? Whatever the case is, how can I make this work on manual page refresh?