Vue SSR and subscribing to publications with vue-meteor-tracker

I am totally stumped by trying to subscribe to a publication passing a router slug into the subscription.

Only during SSR the publication function doesn’t receive the argument as a string, but as individual characters.

The slug is a MongoID like iGLMpe7eRjavDeNyi

In my component I have

export default {
      console.log(`computed Time for ${this.$}`)
      return Time.findOne(this.$
    const id = this.$;
    this.$subscribe('Time', id);

and my publication is

Meteor.publish('Time', function (id) {
  console.log(`publishing Time for ${id}`);
  return id ? Time.find(id) : Time.find();

But during SSR (and only during that phase, regular routes from the client work) the publish function receives the id as individual characters, so the console.log during SSR is

publishing Time for i

Does anybody know what I am doing wrong?

I figured it out. The $subscribe expects an array

    const id = this.$;
    console.log(`TimePage created ${id}`);