Vue3 does not work with Cordova?

So I have tried probably everything, downgrading versions/combinations of packages, still did not manage to make it work. If anyone succeeded, please share the wisdom.

So far I have filed the bug:

I have a slight hope that this happens because of dynamic path in router, but even when I set hash history, still no luck:

import { createRouter, createWebHashHistory } from 'vue-router'

const router = createRouter({
  history: createWebHashHistory('/some-base/'),
  routes: [

However in Vue2 the router was in normal history mode without issues…


Did you try with --production when you do meteor run ?

I had the same error and with --production, I was able to run on Cordova (Android) in development.

I still did not go to build and deployment.

This doesn’t solve the problem, but it could be a clue.

Thanks for the hint, I’ll check it. Might be not a permanent option, but at least something until the bug is fixed.