VueJS tutorial with Meteor?


VueJS’s very interesting, clean syntax and it’s like Blaze.
So is there a tutorial with VueJS intergrated with Meteor out there?
Thank you.


I would also love to have a nice TO DO APP tutorial with VueJS 2.0 on, like the ones for Blaze, React and Angular :grinning:

BTW, I find it rather surprising that there is still no such tutorial for VueJS, considering its huge popularity and the fact that its creator was once part of the MDG Team.



Wow, thank you! I saw the video


Great video but I still don’t get the basics about using VueJS with Meteor, maybe it’s just me being stupid, sorry if that’s the case :slight_smile:

Is it better to remove Blaze and use only Vue or use both (as I see in the video)? Why one or another? Also the video seems to be for VueJS 1.0 and 2.0 was released like a month ago and there are still no good tutorials out there, at least I couldn’t find one. Would love to see a more production like example with multiple views, 3rd party JS libraries, routing etc.


@pal these videos are older, valuable but older, and since then @akryum has built a few vue+meteor packages that change things in cases.

I haven’t been able to find a 1.3+ Vue+Meteor tutorial so far.


That ship has sailed. I’d be surprised if there was much change in the tutorials as they concern Meteor classic at this point.