Vuetify-loader 'a-la-carte' imports without webpack

Is there anyway of using vuetify-loader to achieve automatic ‘a-la-carte’ component import, but without converting to webpack?

Are theare any benefits or downsides of converting to webpack? I love Meteor’s build system with optimised dynamic import bundles, modern vs legacy browser bundles, etc.

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I’m also looking to setup Vuetify with a-la-carte but I get all sorts of errors with modules not loading after trying to import Vuetify from "vuetify/lib";.

Would be great if it’s possible to load Vuetify components automatically as needed instead of importing all components.

Do anyone have a solutions?


Please check this repo:

The current version includes webpack as default bundler for meteor and VueLoader already installed, so A la carte is working by default.

Hope that helps.

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Hi. Check out this package: 1, i think it may help you integrating vuetify TreeShaking to meteor bundler, NO WEBPACK needed anymore. Hope that helps.