Vulcan: A New Direction for Telescope

Telescope originally started as a Hacker News clone as one of the first open-source Meteor apps all the way back in 2012. But since then, it has changed a lot and evolved into a more flexible, more powerful all-purpose framework.

The project has also changed a lot on the technical side. The original Meteor/Blaze combo has been replaced with a React/Apollo app (although still currently powered by Meteor). And our goal is to make Apollo just as easy to use as Meteor’s traditional pub/sub system.

To reflect all this, we’ve decided to give the project a brand new name. Say hello to Vulcan!


Did you manage to integrate meteor-apollo-accounts?

We haven’t really looked into it yet. I don’t think std:accounts-ui supports it so it’d be a pretty big job.

That’s one hell of an awesome goal.

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Thanks for your share, Vulcan can manage multi module.
Ex. I have multi module on the same project Loan, Accounting, Saving.

Do you mean code splitting between different modules (homepage, admin, etc.)? If so no, but it’s something we’d like to add with Meteor 1.5.

If you mean splitting your code in different modules at the codebase level then yes, in fact the entire app is split into packages.

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Like Mantra module of Arunoda. It mean that multi system on the same project/app.

Sorry, I’m not very familiar with Mantra so I’m afraid I don’t really know what you mean…?

Personally, I think this is fantastic!

It’s the perfect framework to get a Meteor + Apollo application up and running in the minimal amount of time. I’ve spoken to @sacha about the project and made a few comments, but there really isn’t anything stopping people from using it right now. So consider it if you’ve been looking at adding Apollo integration into your Meteor app, or you’re starting a new application, it’ll save you a lot of time!


Could Vulcan help me with a distributed application using GraphQL like this? Distributed Meteor apps, with shared Meteor server, and GraphQL store

Vulcan What’s Next
... one of our goals for 2017 is ... maybe also moving to a Meteor-agnostic accounts system such as Passport.

Yes, I don’t see why not. You can use it to build a quick GraphQL back-end.

Sure, but do you see how? Can you describe how we in the Meteor community could pull something like this off?

Well, Vulcan gives you a regular Meteor+Apollo app… so it’d be up to you to handle the extra client-only apps with Asteroid or something else, there’s no support for that kind of architecture built into Vulcan. But you could definitely use it to get a head start on generating your GraphQL schema and getting your data layer working.

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Thanks for that. I really like Vulcan’s help docs:, Is there a place I can go to get the template, so I can use the format for my own help docs?

See and


Thanks for introducing us Vulcanjs. I loved Vulcan documentation.

Same theme is used for Apollo docs as well :] It’s a good one!

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Could Vue.js be supported too, as it’s poised to become a major player if it isn’t.

Akryum supports apollo package for it.

Sorry, not really. The goal of Vulcan is to provide a well-integrated solution, and that means we’ve decided to focus on React.

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