VulcanJS is it safe to use it?

Recently i descovered a framework VulcanJS which looks really helpful, but i was wondering who is behind it, and is it safe to use it in new projects?

I dont see any big comunity behind it yet so is it possible that it will be depricated?

Does anyone used this framework?

Thank you!

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It is worked on by the venerable Sacha Greif (@sacha) .

Doesn’t become more credible than that!

It definitely looks cool, but doesn’t seem like there’s more than a few dozen people using it. I’m not sure what level of lock-in there is, or if it’s essentially just a graphql/meteor/react boilerplate

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We all have to start somewhere :slight_smile:

There isn’t much lock-in, Vulcan relies on standard libraries like React, Redux, and Apollo, and although it provides special helpers and components, you always have the option of writing “vanilla” code instead if you prefer.


I agree with you.
Indeed after some research i think its better to stick to “vanilla”.

Thank you!

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Definitely! It looks really cool. I meant that if it’s easy to move off of using vulcan some day (god forbid), then there’s not a huge downside to using it even if the community isn’t massive yet.

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hi! vulcanjs user here. its not a big community but it is helped by sacha being extremely active and responsive in the community which is basically what you want as you explore adopting the framework.

between this and Pup I think VulcanJS more functionality out of the box and is more “professional grade” e.g. sacha has even launched a payments module which to my knowledge nobody else has.

all depends on your goals. i definitely am not 100% vulcanjs but its in my list of go-to things when building new projects


I’m using and betting my efforts to use it on my new project, i just started using vulcan last month and reviewed most of the code of it.

I just don’t have technical reasons why i used and bet on it to use on my new project. i just feel that i want to

I know you might say that my reasoning are bullshits, but that is my reason.

One uses apollo and the other is all meteor… probably the biggest difference. The second biggest is it seems like Vulcan has a “package system” of meteor packages that can add common schemas/features-- a great idea. Vulcan should be more popular frankly… but there’s just so many new options/libraries that it’s tough to market any project these days.

Pup looks cool too… especially if you use their service to build your first app-- definitely worth the $600 if you have the money and are in the middle of learning (This isn’t an actual review. I have not used their service, but I’m guessing it’s solid.)

I can’t see any reason not to use Vulcan. I guess if a major part of your app is relying on Vulcan’s packages (schemas/etc) for mission-critical pieces of the app, it may be hard to move out of Vulcan. But if you’re just building an MVP and the chances you need to switch off of Vulcan are slim hypotheticals, I wouldn’t lose sleep over picking Vulcan.

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