Wait time on login method

I’m frequently seeing long 5-7 second waits on the “login”-related methods. Sometimes it’s even 20 seconds.

> wait on method : login - 1810 ms
> wait on subscription : meteor.loginServiceConfiguration - 5145 ms
> wait on subscription : meteor_autoupdate_clientVersions - 1383 ms

Is this normal?

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I get the same thing. When I have a few hundred users, wait times crawl up to 50 - 100+ seconds on both meteor.loginServiceConfiguration and meteor_autoupdate.clientVersions. Can’t find much help on it, other than people having the same issue. I am using Meteor I should probably get my app updated and see if this still happens.

I’m thinking these wait times are a side-effect of something else being inefficient in the app having to do with pub-sub. Like a really inefficient publication.